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    I am new to the world of EJBs and am trying to find out what is a good IDE to use to develop and deploy EJBs and other J2EE components. I might use BEA's Weblogic as the App server but also use some other app servers.
    I have looked at the spec sheets for JBuilder and Visual Cafe and both of them offer an Enterprise edition to help develop EJB apps. Is it a must to get these enterprise editions or is a Professional edition sufficient(looking at it from a cost perspective)


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    jbuider is a good product, it really is. i havent worked on visual cafe, but i think it shud have a better integration with weblogic. ibm is coming up with a App studio and i have seen it, its preety awesome. still in beta and whatever i have seen of it, my perception on initial looks is, its one hell of a product for development.

    but out of the current products i have worked i think Jbuilder is good.

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    I would suggest you take a look at FrontierSuite from ObjectFrontier. They have a design, development, deployment environment with a powerful runtime engine.

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    If you are new, my suggestion will be to use any
    text editor and write sample beans from scratch and create deployment descriptors with text editor. In that way you will have good understanding of EJB's.

    If you start real development togetherj is good (but it's slow).

    I use togetherJ to code EJBs and use text editor to create deployment descriptors (you need to create only once) and use simple shell script to compile and jar it up.