EJB 2.0 container managed persistence example


News: EJB 2.0 container managed persistence example

  1. A new article on the Java Developer Connection begins with a review of the EJB 2.0 CMP and then shows how to apply the new local model and to implement session and entity beans that use CMP and CMR, with a real example.

    Read EJB 2.0 CMP Example.
  2. All great stuff. But does anyone know when vendors are going to support EJB2.0?
    Also people will need guidance on migrating 'legacy' 1.1 applications to 2.0
  3. Weblogic6.0 already implement ejb2.0 and

    J2EE from wrox mentioned how to establish realationship in ejb1.1 exsiting component
  4. Actually, unless I am mistaken, WLS 6.0 implemented the previous PFD1 of EJB2.0 (which as you remember differs greatly from PDF2).

    WLS6.1 (now in beta - but should be GA'ed soon I am told) supports the latest version of EJB2.0.

  5. There is an India software company annouced they have already implemented the current final draft (it has been posted in this site, but i do not remember the company name). I certaily hope WLS6.1 will implement the final spec.
  6. And I think the name of that software company (indian) is Pramati (most probably).
  7. The company you are talking about might be: objectfrontier (www.objectfrontier.com).
    They are supporting EJB2.0 and JDO, with a caching mechanism.
  8. bull's eye.

  9. Now WebLogic 6.1 is released with EJB 2.0 (the current draft) implemented. see another discussion posted by Floyd today
  10. Great stuff but what I feel one thing missing are the deployment descriptors. it clears alot while going through some deployment descriptors. you have given only the localinterfaces, I think puting remote interface for customer in the example make this stuff more fruitefull. yet good work. I would be grateful if u publish deployment descriptors in this discussion.


  11. Finaly an example is posted, but did any one find out how the tables (sql) should look like ???
  12. Hi, guys
    I had write a application which use CMP & CMR to process
    the DB manipulation.And i also use Value Object to return
    the snapshot copy of the Entity Bean.The question is that
    how should i use a collection of Value Object to persistent
    the CMR field in my "One" side Entity Bean's CMR field.

    Now i use the solution that delete the "Many" side table first(use DAO), and then i use the Value Object to update my "One" side Entity Bean.After that,i use the same Value Object's CMR field to create the Many side Entity Bean.

    I wonder is there has a better solution to solve this kind of problem?