BEA Weblogic Server 6.1 has been released


News: BEA Weblogic Server 6.1 has been released

  1. The full version of Weblogic Server 6.1 has been released and is available for download. Along with full EJB 2.0, Servlet 2.3, and JSP 1.2 support, WL 6.1 is BEA's Web Services release, allowing J2EE components to be exposed as Web Services.

    Download Weblogic Server 6.1.
  2. I'm not sure how BEA managed *full* EJB 2.0 support when the spec isn't finalized yet...

  3. spec was released a couple of weeks ago.
  4. No, it wasn't. The EJB 2.0 Spec is still a Proposed Final Draft, and has not yet been finalised under the Java Community Process.

    Apparently it has been approved, but Sun hasn't made any press release about that, nor has it published it as such on either the JCP page or the EJB page.
  5. Will the spec-lawyers please relax? Sun won't release EJB 2.0 until it's ready to get J2EE 1.3 out the door (and the reference implementation).

    I know a lot of people (and vendors) really complain about BEA jumping the gun with these pre-release spec features, but it really is one of the main reasons they're so popular. Just the nature of the market to want the latest & greatest -- half baked or not.

  6. The way BEA is going on with the EJB 2 implementation without even the specs are completed for EJB 2.0 is highly impractical. As a developer its a nightmare for me, when my manager says to me .. we should think abt moving on to EJB 2.0 platform.. what u say abt it..
  8. Yeah, I saw that article when it was announced here as well.

    However, two weeks later, there is still no news about it on the Sun site, not even a press release. Until Sun posts it, it's not official. How do you know CNN didn't get it wrong?
  9. Bugware again ...
    I just tried to deploy our project (at FirstUSA bank) on wl6.1 and got strange behavior. This behavior is that servlets RequestDispatcher in some situations drops parameters. I think it's critical bug for webapplications. Maybe it's time for BEA to change QA methodology ? Because it's not first time when BEA releasing product and after that 1x service packs.

    My advise don’t use 6.1 now, maybe after couple of months (after service pack 1) it will be useful.

    PS: sorry for my english
  10. Giedrius,

    We weren't aware of this at the time of shipping. We do run nearly 100,000 tests before each ship of our product. Quality is our highest priority and we wholely recommend customers use 6.1 in production.

    Bugs do happen, which is why we have a huge focus on technical support and customer care. If you can send me (michaelg at bea dot com) or support at bea dot com a bug report (or the case number if you've already sent it to support), we'll make sure that we get you a patch as soon as possible.


    BEA Systems
  11. Michel,
    More info about this bug you can find at:

    Bug info

    Bug info


  12. Interesting comment that "quality is our highest priority" - especially given that people from BEA have been saying that 6.1 would be released in July - and sure enough - July 31st - it's released. It's seems that these days time to market is always the highest priority - sacrificing quality. BEA is not the only software company to do this - nothing seems to be production quality without a few service packs.
  13. look at:
  14. There mentioned that WL6.1 exposed J2EE componenets as web services.What do you mean by web services?
    Could you please explain this point in more details .