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    My name is Ravi Pal.
    I was wondering how to use FTP in java code.
    Will some body help me.

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       There are some ftp classes in the sun packages of the java 2 se. You will have to look in sun.net.ftp package inside the rt.jar file in your jdk1.2 distribution. I have found these classes to be useful but be aware they are sun classes and therefore subject to change without notice or not be included at all in subsequent releases of the jdk. There are no api docs for these classes so you will have to find some other way to figure out how they work ;-)
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    A quick and dirty way to use FTP would be to create 2 files on the fly. One that has the ftp commands, and another that executes those commands.

    open some.ip.address
    send some.file

    ftp -s:file1.txt

    Use Runtime.getRunTim().exec(cmd)

    cmd would be a String array such as...

    String[] cmd = new String[3];
    cmd[0] = "command.com" ;
    cmd[1] = "/c" ;
    cmd[2] = "file2.bat";

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    Look for the oroinc network classes, they are the best FTP (and many other protocols) classes I have seen for Java.

    Also, check out alphaworks.ibm.com and look for their FTP bean, which is also very good.