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    How do I debug JSP.
    I am using Kawa IDE for WebLogic5.1 in NT platform

    Nazilin A

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    Use System.out.println() in jsp. You can see the output in console. Is same as java Debugging in Dos Console.
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    Thanxs Kiru..
    But I am looking for setting break points in the jsp code in Kawa or any other IDE .

    Nazilin A
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    You can use WebGain Studio. It's an IDE that contains Weblogic 5.1 and Visual Cafe 4.0 enterprise. You can start weblogic server within Visual Cafe and debug JSPs, Servlets and EJBs.

    Hope it will help.

    Steve Hu
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    Thanxs Steve..,
    Does Kawa support jsp debugging??

    Nazilin A
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    Karmira debugger (jsp's in the servlet form only)

    JBuilder enterprise, WebGain studio