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    I am developing a portal wherein I need to deploy the jsp and servlets on OAS .Here I am getting problems with maintaining session.When the servlet calls a JSP page or vice versa ,a new session is created and the previous session is lost.How do I take care of this problem?If anybody has a feasible solution to this,it would be very helpful.

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    This might not be of any use to you...

    but I'm having the same problem - basically. I have an xml jsp whose response I need to transform with xsl and then forward back to the client.

    Anyhow, I made a controller servlet that opens a urlconnection to the jsp, parses the response, etc..
    However - httpsessions are useless because all requests come from the controller servlet thus there is a different session id between the true client/controller and the controller/jsp.

    Does this sound like what could be happening to you? One thing I found I could do but haven't figure out how to really use is to associate the two sessions by setting a header field in the jsp request indicating which controller session it belongs to.

    If you come up with anything, let me know -

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    what do you mean by OAS?