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    Guys. I apologise for the single worded message.
    This was found in Javaworld. I was wondering, is it worth putting stuff like this.. just for an attractive banner..!!
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    I guess u donot unterstand the need for this technology, to appeciate the article. And I don't see what that article has to do with this forum, or is it just u'r way of posting how important J2EE is and ppl should not waste time on such stuff!... get a life! leave some room for innovation.
  4. Playing a set of .au files in the required order doesn't make any new innovation. Making Java talking, would be, say, providing a possible set of API to interface the Speech engine..

    That was just an article to put out a fancy banner.
    I was checking, does anybody think like me.. and also to find if any real innovation happening.. ( like any already existing speech engine interfaces, etc.. ) Do you know of any like that, Anand..

    Its already proven that Java is the best even on client-side (GUI). To make Java, really, talking would Great !

    I would be the most happy man, after Gosling, of course ;-)