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    Hi all,
    I got a problem. I have a application(i am working in jsps) in which i logged in as admin/admin, I had one more link in that page to open a new window(or popup window) to login as another user e.g foo/foo, but when i comes back to the old window I want that session of admin/admin remains active.
    but there I am getting that session got expired..
    any body can guide what to do.

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    I think, you cannot provide a web-container level authentication for your requirement. May be you can think of some application level authentication..
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    The problem is that your browsers are sharing the same session. When you login on the second window, it is overwritting your credentials in the admin section. The method I use to get around this is to use IE for one window and Netscape for the other, since disparate browsers don't share session IDs. I'm not sure if there are any browser-specifc settings to prevent this from happening. hope this helps some.