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    My problem is
    I am making an online reporting site .I am asking user to fill 3 page

    report one by one .I am keeping all value in session.Here Also checking at

    every servlet and jsp whether user is valid or not as guest can see the

    report but can not fill the report.
    A valid user can upload database and only administrator can download

    database files.
    There are also other simple report to be filled on the site.
    These all report are to filled fortnightly and if user miss then he should be

    emailed from the server .

    I had made this in servlets,jsp,javabeans(with set and get methods only)

    Problem I always facing that my session value get lost very easly and

    user is sent back to login page . An example
    I am using tomcat 3.1

    In my login page my session value get lost frequently.I am using

    session.setAttribute("logon.isDone", name); in servlets and In every jsp's

    I am checking as

    I have taken all initiative to build this site.I am the only programmer

    working here so all decision is up to me.

    Now my question is whether by using EJB,JMS I can make it more

    effective.At present I am learning ejb and site has got facility to use

    EJB,JMS,XML.My session problem could be solved.

    thanks in advance
    payal sharma

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    my reply may be little late but i felt like replying so mailing.
    Firstly there shud not be any problem with session in Tomcat. Instead of tomcat if u can use some other web server and then also get same problem then problem shud be in the code of JSP/servlets. Becos session handling is the basic feature that a web server shud support.I dun know how u have used "request.getSession() method." Please check that boolean values as it may corrupt ur session.
    Secondly using EJBs i dun think it is necessary in ur case.
    just now i have read one article here by Ed roman.U must also go thru this. :) hope it helps.
    do reply abt ur session problem what happened n all..

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     Amit rightly said there is no practicality in using EJB for your application. Normal session handling should work fine