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    Is there a industrial strength application server out there, that allows its components to do multithreading?

    I am aware that this goes against the EJB spec, so if such a beast exists, it will not be an EJB server or it might support containers that go beyond the spec.


  2. What do you actually want to do?

    An EJB server will allow many threads to use the same component at once -- but not the same *instance* of the component. Instances will be created and destroyed transparently as required.

    If you want threads to do asynchronous producer/consumer type things, look at JMS.

    Multithreading is just a means to an end (convenient programming paradigms and scalability)

    What do you want it to do for you?

  3. Right, I do not consider multithreading a hobby.

    I need to retrive data from several data-sources. Logically these operations are expensive and independent of each other. Also I wish to aggregate
    and post proccess the data retrived before returning the result to the "caller" Also if a data retrival operation takes to long I'd like to begin postproccessing with incomplete data.

    On top of that clustering and failover capabilities are important.

    It seems that an EJB-JMS combo ofers a chance for something like this to be implemented but the solution seems to be fairly contrived and so I wonder if this is the right toolset for the job .

  4. Hi David,

    Did you get solution of your problem. I also have to design the same concept. If you got the way of doing it. Please let me know.