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    Dear All

    I am facing a problem in Database Connectivity in ASP.NET.I am using CSharp as the Language on .net framework.
    I am using a dll file ie.System.Data.Odbc.dll.I am inheriting this dll file in my program in the following way:
    <%@Page Language="C#" Inherits="System.Data.Odbc"%>.I have created my own folder.In this folder I have created a bin folder in which I am putting this dll file.
    I am using the following connection string in my program:
     string connection = "Provider=MSDAORA;FileDSN=neelam;UID=neelam;PWD=neelam;SID=astroid";

    When I run this program I get an error message saying "System.Data.Odbc" not found.

    Please help me with this problem


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    I have a solution for you: Do not use Microsofts proprietary ASP.NET technology.
    Use J2EE and you won't experience such problems...
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    Good answer.
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    This is a Java site. Microsoft.ASP.NET.C# does not mix.

    How about