Poll: Should links to external app. server reviews be allowed?


TSS feedback: Poll: Should links to external app. server reviews be allowed?

  1. Hey guys,

        If you havn't noticed, one of the authors of the CSIRO comparison of app. servers posted links to their reports in 5 diffferent messages in 5 different app. server review forums.

        Normally, we only allow posting of complete and whole reviews in TSS's review forums, to keep up the quality and to encourage other people to post full reviews.

        One fear I had with allowing the CSIRO posts is that new members might not figure out that they are supposed to post reviews in the reviews section, it is not just a place to link to other reviews. I am also not to crazy about linking to an app. server comparison that you must pay for. Its not free content.

        I am leaning towards deleting them all to maintain the purity of the review forums, however I wanted to ask the membership first, since there is some value in accumulating links to outside resources.


  2. I agree with your assessment. They should be deleted and just add clutter. It would only make sense to comment on each application server if the research company publishes their comments on each app server as part of the post. They definitely aren't going to do that since they are charging fees for its release.

  3. People should not be allowed to use a forum whose goal is to freely distribute information about J2EE simply to provide links to sites which require payment.

    I would support deleting them. It's a review forum, not a links page.


  4. Thanks for the input guys. The threads will be deleted.