How to run Jrun App Server as a service???


EJB programming & troubleshooting: How to run Jrun App Server as a service???

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    I have a problem in making the JrunAdminServer and JrunDefaultServer as system services.
    I want these two servers to be started whenever I switch on the system. I went to control panel, services
    and changed the property of these two as automatic. They are starting when I restart the machine. But if I
    logoff and login again, then they won't start..In other words, services are getting started when restarted but
    not when logoff and login. Windows NT4.0 is the Operating system and the Application Server is JRun..

    Looking forward for solutions..Please help...

    Thanks and Regards,
    HemantRaj Batakurki
  2. I'm gonna bet that you are not using the latest version
    of JRE/JDK or have note set the proper flags. This sounds like a java problem, not a JRun problem. Versions prior to the latest 1.3.1 version would shut down the JRE when logging off. If you are using the latest version then you need to use the -Xrs flag to ensure that the the JRE does not stop when you log out. This only happens on Windows.
    The -Xrs flag is only on jre1.3.1.