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    Can someone out there tell me if it is possible to call CGI scripts via Server Side Includes embedded in JSP pages? Some of our JSP pages require CGI driven solutions (e.g. banner ad software) on them, but we're not sure how to implement this.

    If anyone could offer an opinion on the above, I would appreciate it!

    Thanks :)

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    You can open a URLConnection to the CGI and get the response InputStream. You could do this directly in your JSP, or a better way would be create a re-usable custom JSP tag that does this for you.

    Hopefully this is a solution to your problem.
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    Also if it's your appserver itself that provides CGI functions you can do straightforward <jsp:include page="cgiURL"/>. Also what is wrong with just including a hyperlink - if the content of your banners does not interact with the rest of the document?