Infravio today announced the general availability of Release 1.0 of its Enterprise Web Services Management System. Infravio's tool enables development, deployment and management of enterprise-wide Web Services.

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REDWOOD CITY, Calif., Sept. 11 /PRNewswire/ -- Infravio, Inc., the industry's hottest contender in the Web Services marketplace, today announced the general availability of Release 1.0 of its Enterprise Web Services Management System

Infravio's robust Web Services management system empowers enterprises to realize the promise of Web Services; enabling applications and processes to integrate seamlessly over the Internet, both within and among enterprises.

Web Services are software components that dynamically interact with each other using Internet technology standards, making it possible to build bridges between systems that otherwise would require extensive development efforts. One of the fundamental tenets of Web Services is the ability to make business processes or functions available over the Web for consumption by others. Yet, the Web Services solutions currently offered present a management challenge that is only resolved by a comprehensive architecture approach, such as that provided by Infravio.

Infravio is the only solution available today that enables the development, deployment and management of enterprise-wide Web Services.

This release of Infravio's Web Services Management System is a comprehensive, enterprise-class architecture that automatically generates XML code for new and existing applications, enabling their deployment as Web Services. It supports the leading Web Services standards, including Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP), Web Services Description Language (WSDL) and Universal Description, Discovery and Integration (UDDI).

Addressing the acute business need to leverage and integrate legacy applications, and make them available as Web Services, Infravio's Enterprise Web Services Management System provides the following benefits:

-- Basis for Application Integration The integration of one application with another requires the use of
standard XML to describe the data from each system, and to exchange that information. Infravio enables both new and existing applications to "speak" XML.

-- Significant Development Cost Savings Infravio directly reduces development dollars by providing a central
place for application design and management. The application model -- all validation logic and database access logic -- is maintained in a central schema, described in the XML Schema format (XSD) recently approved by the W3C. Using this schema-centric approach, Infravio's Web Services Management System can automatically generate code for all three tiers of an application, from database interaction (without a need to write tedious SQL statements) through middleware (providing EJB, Java, and other middleware bindings), to XSL-based presentation logic. Therefore, corporations don't need to write code for each of the three tiers of the typical application architecture, saving on development time and costs.

-- Foundation for Web Services Web Services require a standards-based interface into an application
so that any other entity can easily integrate with that Web Service.

When receiving a SOAP request, Infravio automatically turns an application into a Web Service, and does so dynamically at run time.

-- Application Manageability The Infravio solution provides a central repository for all applications and their XML resources. Thanks to this central repository, maintenance costs are greatly reduced because modifications to the applications can be done once, centrally.

-- Platform Independence - Run Anywhere, Render Anywhere Infravio's architecture enables the use of a single interface layer to render an application on a web page, on a wireless device, and as a Web Service. This eliminates re-writing of the application for each format on which it will be displayed. Infravio works with any application server, web server and JDBC-compliant database

The Infravio Difference
Ultimately, all these benefits allow corporations to focus development resources on those processes that are core to their business. It empowers them to "Web Services-enable" their existing applications without re-writing large amounts of code. Infravio enables companies to extend the lives and increase the productivity of legacy applications, while helping to reduce the cost and complexity of integrating ERP, CRM, mainframe and custom applications.

"We at Infravio are leveraging what we've learned in our 100+ years of combined software industry experience to capitalize on the next big wave in enterprise computing, Web Services," stated Eileen Richardson, CEO of Infravio. "We are bringing to market a product that not only fulfills the dream of Web Services, it was built with the enterprise in mind. It's a comprehensive architecture for Web Services development, deployment and management. We provide the high level of manageability that enterprises require, yet most other Web Services companies haven't taken into account."

About Infravio
Based in Redwood City, Calif., Infravio is an enterprise software company that provides Global 2000 companies with a management system for XML-based Web applications, and enables those companies to immediately take advantage of Web Services. Leveraging the latest in XML and Java technologies, Infravio's products allow IT professionals to develop and manage XML-based solutions with unprecedented flexibility and speed. Infravio gives companies a competitive advantage in XML, and in the Web Services arena. Venture capital firms Walden International and Crystal Internet Ventures provided Infravio with $6.5 million in first round funding in May 2000. Find out more about Infravio --