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News: Using JINI to build Enterprise Web Services

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    GroupServe, a provider of distributed application technologies, established a project with to demonstrate Jini's value in developing Web services for the enterprise.

    The project resides at (login required).

    Press Release:
    (Arlington, Va.) – GroupServe, a leading provider of distributed application technologies, and the leader in Jini-enabled Web services, announced today the establishment of a project to demonstrate Jini technology’s value in developing Web services.

    The project resides at and offers Java 2 Platform Enterprise Edition (J2EE) and Jini developers a forum for exploring new methods and techniques for writing sophisticated, complex enterprise applications.

    GroupServe also submitted its Services Libraries for J2EE to be evaluated as a basis for standardization within the Jini development community. The service libraries provide simple, self-contained components for Web application and Web service development. GroupServe, leveraging the Web site, will create a repository of computational patterns to assist developers in building applications faster. The project also provides forums to explore how Jini will integrate with J2EE/Enterprise Java Beans(EJB) technology.

    "GroupServe continues to extend its leadership in providing new technologies for developers to realize the benefits of Web services," says Ted Achacoso, GroupServe’s CTO. "We see tremendous potential in the next few years for a whole new class of solutions to meet the growing demands of application developers.

    About GroupServe
    GroupServe is a leading provider of technologies and solutions for the next generation of Web-enabled applications. The company markets technology solutions to the world’s Java developers and is leading the technology effort to merge client peering technology with server-side enterprise services. GroupServe also markets its successful collaborative product GroupPort(SM) that can be purchased as a Web-accessible service or integrated as a function within any e-commerce solution. An experienced team of industry veterans manages the company, started in 1996.
    For more information, visit

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  2. The Groupserve project includes "J2EE EJB integration," the JCA and Groupserve also has a JSP template aspect as well.

    So what was the question?

    I don't understand the "JINI vs. J2EE" above.

    By the way, another useful link for the GroupServe project appears to be:

    I think that's the one I'll refer as a starting point to identify GroupServe. It has diagrams showing where they believe JINI and Spaces technology fits in to the registry system.

    I think there were some other Spaces projects who address Web services also although I can't remember what they're called at the moment.


    Rich Katz
    Java Skyline
  3. clarification[ Go to top ]

    Hey Richard, thanks for the clarification. You are of course correct. :)