MVCSoft is pleased to announce a new release of its EJB 2.0 Persistence Manager, available immediately from Flashline. The MVCSoft Persistence Manager is an implementation of container-managed persistence as defined in the EJB 2.0 specification, including CMP entity objects, relationships, and the EJB 2.0 query language. It provides a Swing-based GUI mapping tool, extensive documentation, online help, and an Ant task.

Check out MVCSoft's 154-page manual in pdf format. It includes screen shots of the product, a full description of capabilities, an overview of the architecture, a tutorial, and numerous EJB 2.0 examples with detailed explanations.

The MVCSoft Persistence Manager comes with full source code to every component, from the runtime library to the code generator to the mapping tool. You can redistribute the runtime component with no royalty or additional licenses.

MVCSoft's license is per-developer, and set low enough ($199) so that no serious developer will think twice about its price. Sell an unlimited number of your "predeployed" EJB components with no runtime fees.

For more information, see MVCSoft at