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      I am trying to deploy one of the example (ConatainerManagedPersistanceBean) that comes with weblogic 5.1. I used deployer tool to deploy the exapmle class files. Then I closed the deployer tool and again started it and tried to open the jar files that I just created for this example.
    But I was not able to open it. Its giving me C:\Documents\ and\ Settings\rdoddapaneni\.ejbdeployer\provider-projects\ContainManaged\ContainManaged.fs (The system cannot find the path specified)
    at Method)
    at<init>(, Compiled Code)
    at<init>(, Compiled Code)
    at weblogic.ejb.ui.deployer.ProviderProjectRootNode.load(, Compiled Code)
    at weblogic.ejb.ui.deployer.ProviderProjectRootNode.load(
    at weblogic.ejb.ui.deployer.ProjectLoaderWorker$, Compiled Code)
    Failed to load C:\Documents\ and\ Settings\rdoddapaneni\.ejbdeployer\provider-projects\ContainManaged\ContainManaged.fs

    But I have the ContainManaged.jar in home/weblogic/myserver directory. If I try to open this jar file, why is it looking for some .fs in some other directory..

    I am not usign the build script that comes with the example to deploy the bean. I used the deployer tool.

    Thanks for your reply...
  2. Hi:

    what I recommend is the following:

    1. go to the directory where your profiles exist and just delete the .ejbdeployer/developer/your-ejb.jar directory.
    + open the text file for the developer and remove the line corrosponding to your undepolyed jar.
    ( the reason for this is, the Deployer tool caches the content of the previously deployed jars). even if they were not successfully deployed

    2. try to deploy the jar again taking into consideration that /weblogic/bin/wlconfig.exe is writing into the Weblogic classpath for any other jar that you want to have in your current ejb.jar imported jar.
    example, x-ejb.jar is used in y-ejb.jar then x-ejb.jar has to be set by the wlconfig.exe (windows version) on unix it is .sh

    My experience with the CMP, is you better open the deployer tool with the role of a depolyer not as a developer, By this I mean you better have the three XMLs bundled in the jar with all needed classes. And then let the deployer tool generates to you the Stub and skeltons Imp classes.
    you can have those XML written by you or by another thrid party such as StructureBuilder3.3 or later produced by Webgain software. The same is true for BMP.

    You don't have to put the EJB jar in the weblogic/myserver directory, you can have any other directory for example called
    C:/myjars where you have all ejb.jars and go to the and say

    weblogic.ejb.deploy = C:/myjars/xxx.jar where xxx is the required jar and you will also find the examples you want written over there.

    Best regards,
    Muhammed Mahmoud