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    hi , everyone .
    please help me !
    I am doing a project and I must read
    others's jsp source and modify it .
    so I want to have a good jsp editor .
    Who can tell me it ? Of cource , I hope
    that it is minitype .


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    Homesite 4.5. excellent editor for jsp dev.
    see http://www.allaire.com/products/homesite/index.cfm for a download.
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    Two other suggestions:
    (1) If you do not want to shell-out any cash for the editor, SUN's FORTE 3.0 is very good for a robust editor. However, it is a bit of a memory hog.

    (2) If you are only doing editing of JSP pages and don't mind the cost, KAWA is a good investment. Also, UltraEdit32 is excellent and has Syntax-Highlighting.

    As a bonus: Why not just create an editor using Java Swing? -- Just a suggestion.
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    Thanks for your help .
    I hope that it is a minitype tool .
    For example , like ultraEdit.
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    hi , J O , thank you for your help.
    I have downloaded the Htmlsite and
    tried it . But I thought it is not
    very good .
    1.In a jsp file It is can not view the html syntax.
    2.It can not open a file using mouse_drag.

    Do you think so ?

    Greenhorse 2001/09/23
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    I have found a good editor for jsp
    It is EmEditor . You can download it
    and try .