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    Hi ,
    I am using WLS6.0 and writing a BMP bean .
    I have a method that directly hit DataBase , Queries some data and return it to client via a Helper class.
    This method does not modify any instance varible of my enity bean . I want that , ejbLoad should not fire due to this method call .

    How can i do this ? Can it be done via deployment descriptor
    of i have to keep some flag , a check it in ejbLoad().

    I think for CMP it can be done via deployment descriptor .

    Thanks in advance ..

    Ashim Chakraborty

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    Weblogic has something called db-is-shared in the deployment descriptor. If this is set to false, unnecessary calls to ejbLoad() can be prevented, under the assumption that the data in the database will be accessed only through the entity bean.