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    Does anyone know if BEA Weblogic 5.1 (Enteprise) supports multiple Java VM's with a single J2EE application server?
    It seems that only a single JVM can be used per IP address if I understand the WebLogic architecture correctly.
    Then again, there's no guarantee of that!
  2. I'm not quite sure what you mean by "multiple Java VM's with a single J2EE application server"...

    However, I do know Weblogic supports multiple app server instances running in cluster on the same physical box, as long as the the box has a multiple NICs (hence multiple IP addresses).

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  3. No it does not. As far as I know only Gemstone/J does that.
  4. Of course Weblogic does! We're currently running 4 clustered Weblogic 5.1 App Server instances on each of our two Sun Solaris box for a total of 8 clustered app servers!

    (And actually, I take back what I said about needing multiple NICs... you can set up multiple IP aliases through a single NIC).

    If you don't believe me, check out our site out in production: www.kiko.com. It's doing what I've described above right now! (Although I guess it'll be kinda hard for you to SEE what's going on in the backend... :-))

  5. Exactly - one JVM per one Weblogic server instance (single VM).

    Multi-VM architecture means that single server instance can consist of multiple JVMs, or multiple pools of JVMs, which results in better scaling. For more information on this subject check Gemstone web site: http://www.gemstone.com
  6. With Inprise application server also you can start, for example, multiple ejb containers out of process within the same server instance.

  7. Final :) Not in your sence, Weblogic only has on VM per server instance. I just wanted to add that JBoss also uses the multipule VM method.