I am using jsps, servlets and ejbs, all deployed in a war, using Weblogic5.1 sp9, on Windows.

There is a CachedHomes helper class (put under WEB-INF\classes) that looks up an EJB Home reference. Code is like:-
but a NamingException is thrown.

WEB-INF\web.xml contains:-

and WEB-INF\weblogic.xml contains:-

When weblogic starts, it shows that EJB reference 'ejb/WeightedAverage' has been bound to jndi name 'query.businessobject.weightedaverage', however in weblogic console, I cant find this ejb shown as deployed, neither in deployed components/beans, nor under the web application. The concerned ejb jar is put in WEB-INF\lib.

so what am i missing here??