Microsoft to continue to support JDBC access to SQL Server


News: Microsoft to continue to support JDBC access to SQL Server

  1. Despite the recent controversies, Microsoft has committed to continueing support for Java based access to SQL Server 2000 and future products. A beta JDBC driver for SQL Server 2000 is now available.

    The beta version can be downloaded for free at The finished version will be available early next year; pricing and licensing terms haven't been set.

    Read Microsoft To Add Java Link To Database.
  2. Keeping in mind that are already five Certified and non-Microsoft JDBC drivers for SQL Server....
  3. I had always wondered why Microsoft, up until now, hadn't come up with a JDBC driver for their version of SQL. Now, however, they've once again shown us that they are good at arriving at the party late and stealing the show. We know that there other certified JDBC drivers for MS SQL, but only one of them has Microsoft's backing. And I'm afraid for the other vendors because Microsoft, in it's usual manner, could decide to bundle their driver with their version of SQL for a few bucks or even for free! Now, what are the others to do? Take them to court? Anyway, I always thought that those drivers were a bit too expensive. So, the competition from Microsoft is welcome (if they play fair, that is).
  4. What would be wrong with MS giving away the driver for free? It certainly makes the most sense for them, potential users of the driver have already purchased SQL Server, the cost of which will dwarf what they could charge for a JDBC driver. Having a supported, freely available JDBC driver can only make SQL Server a more attractive proposition for the mid to high end J2EE applications. As for the other driver manufacturers, they can do what suppliers of JDBC drivers for Oracle (who ships free JDBC drivers) have been doing, make better drivers.