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    Hi all,

    Does anyone know how to access EJBs from CORBA clients? Say, all I have is an enterprise bean and I want to access it from C++ or Delphi. Is there a way to generate IDL for an enterprise bean?

    Writing CORBA clients in Java gives me headaches as well: since I don't have the IDL file, I can't create client stub classes.

    In the "Mastering Enterprise JavaBeans" book, there is an example of a CORBA client talking to EJB components, but it does not explain how *Helper class for a home interface is generated.

    Any thoughts would be appreciated.

    Branko Milosavljevic

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  2. You can give a look to the IONA iPAS application server.
    Since it's based on CORBA, accessing an ejb from
    a CORBA client is quite straightforward. You can
    douwnload it and in the distribution there are a couple
    of examples showing the CORBA/EJB integration.
    In general you shoud use the rmic compiler to generate
    from a remote interface a corresponding IDL file.
    This is the command:
      rmic -idl -noValueMethods <home interface> <interface>
    Once you get the client stub the problem is getting the
    CORBA reference for the EJB contained in the app server,
    this step depends on which kind of app server you are using.
    Look at the documentation for your app server to know how to do it.
  3. Thanks!

    In the meantime, I tried an idea of writing a CORBA-to-EJB proxy in Java. So far it doesn't look very complicated.

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