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    Does anyone know how to specify a startup class in IBM webSphere, I want to get a class to load when the app server starts that will read property values from a properties file, and put these into static data members.

    I know you can do this in weblogic, has anyone done the same in websphere ?

    -- @bhijit

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    If you are using Version 3.5 look for ServiceInitialzer() in the documentation.

    In V4.0 replacement for ServiceIntializer() is CustomService. Like ServiceInitializer() in V3.5, CustomService enables a Java class to be loaded and a method invoked at WebSphere Server start-up/shutdown. CustomService is located in websphere.jar (as opposed to admin.jar for ServiceInitializer)

    Unfortunately, the early releases of the V4.0 Info Center only documents ServiceInitializer() and not CustomService.
    CustomService is integrated into the administration console, so it's not set via command line args. So highlight an applicaton server and right mouse button, select properties, select the Custom Tab (See below), then select "add" to add a class (and associated properties)