is it possible to have JSP and ASP communicate??


Web tier: servlets, JSP, Web frameworks: is it possible to have JSP and ASP communicate??

  1. is it possible to have JSP and ASP communicate?? (2 messages)

    can someine tell me how to built a bridge (if it's possible) between ASP and JSP
  2. yes its is possible to have communication between a JSP and ASP.

    assuming that u r running ASP on IIS or any other engine(eg Chillisoft) that supports ASP and running ur JSP pages on a JSP engine, u can definitely make the two communicate.

    ther r number of mechanism actually depending on what do u actually what to incorporate -
     - for example if its just a HTTP request , to a jsp page that u want to make from ASP page then u can use a
    Response.Write("http://domain/page.jsp") - VBScript code

    - similarly if u wanna make a HTTP request from a jsp page to a asp page then u gotta use
    response.sendRedirect("http://domain/page.asp") - java code

    - in ur java code u can also use URL and URLConnection classes to request for the URl - "http://domain/page.asp"
    and then get the content as a String.

    there r other mechanisms also to achieve the same task, but a bit more complicated. lemme know if the other method solve ur purpose or need to know bout the complicated tasks as well.
  3. Yes.I'm trying to access asp from servlet.asp is on IIS and
    jsp on weblogic.I am able to get first asp.But when I try to get next asp in sequence,then I've redirected by IIS to some
    other page and telling me to enable cookie.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated