I am facing a very wierd problem with Orion 1.5.2. I have a client that creates a context and get the remote reference and calls a simple sayHello method.

In the client, I make the context (and lookup for home and create remote), twice - the first time with incorrect user id and the next with correct user id. But BOTH the calls fail with security exception. The exception contains the user name in its string and i figured that although I am giving the correct user id the second time, it still is picking up the first.

Now if I comment the incorrect user id part and execute it again, it works (without restarting the server).

I belive that Orion somehow is managing the session and if the call is made from the same user, it picks up the same user id and password.

Has anyone faced this kind of problem or has any information on how to get around this problem ?

Thanx a lot in anticipation