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    I want to run my stateless Session Bean as a specified user (say admin) even if the bean is being called by a normal user. I am using EJB 1.1 hosted on WebLogic Server 6.0. Is there any setting in the deployment descriptor for the same? If not, could you tell me some work around.


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    You have to login as the appropriate caller before the ejb call, so that the right security context can be associated with the call. The actual authentication process is ejb vendor specific.

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    I am logged in as a normal user and the session context method getCallerPrincipal() always returns the correct principal with which I call the bean. The problem is, I need call the remote method of another EJB from within this bean; the access to this method is limited only for a specified user (admin). That means, I need my EJB to run as different identity now not as the caller's. Can you help me for this??