EAI players: 'App server vendors still need us'


News: EAI players: 'App server vendors still need us'

  1. BEA has been slowly spreading its wings from pure-play app. server vendor by positioning itself as an integration vendor. IBM has historically also taken this approach. As a result BEA is going head-to-head with more-established EAI players, many of which are clients of BEA. EAI vendors are taking the position that they are the best solution for true legacy integration.

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  2. There's one possibility that the traditional EAI vendors will still create J2EECA adapters, but not many have started. Other than this they are doomed to become niche players or go out of business. Standardization (without painful limitations) RULES!
  3. Matt,

    Standardization is important, but it doesn't necessarily need to be standardization on J2EE or the JCA stuff. Really that stuff is very new.

    There is much standardization going on in the SOAP area which is more important in integration than is J2EE.

    Don't get your nose too buried in Sun's marketing hype to think it's the end all solution to everything, because it's not. It's a number of pieces of the puzzle, but Sun can't just co-opt the integration/web services industry to J2EE by publishing a specification.

  4. http://java.sun.com/j2ee/connector/products.html has a list of vendors committed to producing JCA resource adaptors.

    BTW SOAP solves a different problem.

  5. Phil,
     I have been following this URL for sometime. Sadly its not update(Last time I had seen it updated was in April/May).
     This gives a impression that there is not much going on in JCA implementation.
  6. Kumar,

    I wouldn't say that. Subscribe to the JCA mailing list and you'll see a lot of active development going on in the JCA space. Most people are new to this market and are trying it out, but it is an active group.