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  1. Local Interface problem on weblogic6.0 (8 messages)

    I have download ejb2.0 support file for weblogic6.0, but when I use Local or LocalHome Interface, I cannot deploy it to weblogic. It tell me It cannot parese the tag Local or LocalHome. why?
  2. because it's only supported in weblogic version 6.1
  3. Im trying to use local objects in weblogic 6.1 and even that is not working.
    remoteInterface extends EjbLocalObject
    remoteHome extends EjbLocalHome

    This is the change ive done.
    when i ejbc this it gives me error that the home interface must extend from EjjHome interface.

    Do i need to download something more for this?

    Please help
  4. <pre>
    (WL6.1 is base on Public final draft 2)

    A client accesses a session object through the session bean&#8217;s component interface. The session bean
    may provide a remote interface and/or it may provide a local interface.
    The Java object that implements the remote interface is called a session EJBObject. A session EJBObject
    is a remote Java object accessible from a client through the standard Java&#8482; APIs for remote object
    The Java object that implements the local interface is called a session EJBLocalObject. A session
    EJBLocalObject is not remotely accessible.<i>

    p 54:
    <i>In designing an enterprise bean with a local client view, the Bean Provider should be aware
    that full use of pass by reference semantics will potentially limit the ability to couple components
    more loosely and to replace the local client view with a remote client view in order to
    achieve distribution of components at a later date. Developers who want to preserve the ability
    to distribute components at a later date should rely on the efficiency benefits of pass by reference
    semantics, but not rely on the side-effects.</i>

    you have one home and one remote for distant client
    and one local home and one local interface for local client (same JVM).

    Bea doesnt give an example implementing local interface... it will be great if you tell us if it works ;)

  5. Hi Oliver,

    I tried to make an entity bean a local object.
    And it doesnt work. weblogic.ejbc gives me error that the
    the home interface must extend from EjbHome interface.
    When i make the bean extend from EjbHome it works. I didnt make any changes in the ejb-jar.xml file. Is this causing a problem ?. Im not aware of any other changes i need to make.

    Someone please help

    Thanx in advance

  6. Have you changed your ejb-jar.xml and weblogic-ejb.jar headers to the EJB2.0 format? For example, the ejb-jar.xml header is as follows:-

    <!DOCTYPE ejb-jar PUBLIC
    '-//Sun Microsystems, Inc.//DTD Enterprise JavaBeans 2.0//EN'

    There *is* an example of local interfaces included with weblogic6.1, although it' well hidden :-) Look under samples\examples\ejb20\bands, and the 'band' EJB uses local interfaces.

  7. thanx a lot rick....
    why bea dont say thgis exemple exists in their docs....
  8. Thanx Very much
    it was my mistake that i didnt read the ejb2.0 specifiaction fully.
    I didnt put the <local-home></local-home> and related tags.
    Im changing my deployment descriptors accordingly.

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    Even i am getting the same problem as that of you.
    Apart from that it is saying that remove method of home interface must throw remote exception.
    Any help appreciated.