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    Can anyone tell me what app servers currently support the ejb 2.0 spec? As near as I can tell Weblogic 6.1 is the only one. Any idea as to when Websphere and iPlanet might be supporting 2.0?



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    I don't think any support the final version of EJB2.0 as yet. Even the Weblogic 6.1 version is based on the non-final draft (there is a disclaimer in the download that it could be subject to change).

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    I don't think any support the final version of EJB2.0 as yet.

    I have also only heard of partial EJB 2.0 support.
    Please discuss my overview of the market I've posted on http://www.theserverside.com/home/thread.jsp?thread_id=9581.
    In the "special features" sections of this draft, I refer to early EJB 2.0 support. Note that my overview will be updated soon, thanks to valuable community input.

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    This is what BEA says about EJB 2.0 support:

    "WLS 6.1 includes an implementation of EJB 2.0 PFD2 minus the
    interoperability requirments (interop over IIOP between containers from
    different vendors). There are very few differences between PFD2 and the
    final edition of the spec. We are in the process of running the
    Certification Test Suite (CTS) to verify compliance. Based on the results of
    the tests, there are 3 possible scenarios:

    1. WLS 6.1 passes the CTS and is already compliant
    2. Minor changes are required that can be fixed in the next 6.1 service pack
    3. Significant changes are required that can only be delivered in Acadia
    (currently scheduled for Q2 of next year)

    So, with the exception of the interoperability piece, its possible that we
    will be compliant prior to our next release, however we cannot gaurantee
    anything until we have had an opportunity to evaluate the CTS results."