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    For the last 3 years or so my company has done all its web platform stuff in ATG (JHTML, etc...) We're now moving toward J2EE. The first thing I noticed is that our practice of dynamically deploying JHTML files looks like it's going to go out the window because JSP files have to be appropriately WAR'd -- something that is not possible in our current system. Right now we have a separate workflow for "content" in our content management system that allows JHTML authors to push new pages out to the docroot and have them take effect immediately without any sort of middle packaging step.

    I think I can convince the powers that be that it's good to have that packaging/deployment step that's needed with JSP. Our first pilot project involves the conversion of some of our core JHTML to JSP by keeping the JSP constant and putting the actual dynamic information into an XML configuration file. The content author publishes the XML file to the app server machine, then a JSP reads it and generates the page accordingly.

    But! One of my developers just told me that in order for his JSP to see the XML file, it too has to be deployed underneath the WAR's docroot. Ug.

    It seems to be like these limitations are really hampering our ability to push dynamic content out to our servers. Am I missing something? Say I have a very simple JSP page that says something like "If the user is registered then include file A, otherwise include file B." Now say that a content author comes up and says "Can we change it to include file C instead of B?" In my current system that would either be a change to the JSP or to the XML parameters file, apparently both of which would have to be properly deployed before the change could take effect. Which is exactly what we built the system NOT to require. After all, that's really just a content change, especially if A, B and C are just pure HTML files.

    Help? How much am I misunderstanding, here? Is going to JSP really going to mean I have to fundamentally revamp our content deployment system?
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    Sorry if this seems like a product plug...but ServletExec allows you to deploy JSPs in the web server document root without deploying them in WAR files. It provides exactly the functionality you're looking for.

    Also ServletExec supports JHTML files, which may aid in your transition. (JHTML support was deprecated in ServletExec 3.0, so it's not documented anymore. However, JHTML support is still in there for some of our long-time customers who still use it. I can send you a copy of the ServletExec 2.2 user guide for reference. Please contact me via email since I don't read this board regularly).

    You can find out more about ServletExec from our web site:


    Vince Bonfanti
    New Atlanta Communications, LLC
  3. Vince - It was a product plug and I doubt you are sorry.

    Duane - I use WebLogic 6.0 and Tomcat 4.0 and I am not required to put my JSPs into war files.