Develop and unit test a J2EE App with WS Application Developer


News: Develop and unit test a J2EE App with WS Application Developer

  1. New IBM WebSphere Studio tools are just around the corner...but why wait? In a new tutorial, Sheldon Wosnick uses the WebSphere Studio Application Developer beta version to develop, test, run and debug a complete J2EE application "out of the box".

    WS Studio is used to build an app. consisting of entity and session EJBs, a servlet, a JSP page and an HTML home page. Sheldon focuses extensively on EJB development. The entire application will use only the Application Developer tools and run-times available straight "out of the box".

    Read Developing and Testing a Complete "Hello World" J2EE Application with WebSphere Studio Application Developer beta.
  2. I'm glad you posted something regarding the new WSAD tool. I've downloaded it and I've been evaluating it for a while now and I think it's a very powerful and easy to use tool. We've been using Visual Age and WS Studio, and this one is quite a step up. It really does simplify developing web applications and even EJB development is much easier since everything from creation of the entity and sessions beans, all the way to testing & deploying the beans can be accompished using one tool. I've worked through the online auction example and I'm looking forward to going through your example too.
    Thanks again for your post. I think IBM is making a really big step in the IDE market. Congrats are in order!
  3. I downloaded the software too but having problems developing applications on it since I'm a JBuilder guy not VisualAge for JAVA I need to know if there is proper documentation regarding it's use
  4. Did you try going through any of the tutorials? they're very helpful. Go to Help>Help Contents for documentation regarding it's use.

  5. There is an IBM redbook (Web Services Wizardry with WebSphere Studio Application Developer, SG24-6292-00) available: Don't be misled by the title, there is far more to it than just Web Services.

  6. I'm sure I'll get flamed for this, however...

    Though this is a major step up from VAJava it still does not compare to JBuilder... though it now looks more like JBuilder, seems IBM doesn't like their own concepts ;-)
    Things I don't like about it:
    *) This may be considered a plus ;-) Still: It cannot get much slower, can it? Either Java GUI (Swing) is not as slow as everyone is saying or Borland simply has the better developers...
    *) Though IBM is talking "Open Standards" they seem to only like their implementation of them. Not very open, the whole thing
    *) The editor (still one of the most important parts of an IDE) is still bad
    *) EJB 2 is far away I guess
    *) It misses some very cool features of the upcoming JBuilder... guess what, I'm under NDA *gg* And this is the direct competition

    I however must admit that I didn't take a very close look, and I must also say the IDE looks promising, so with Plugins and if IBM does some more development it could be really cool. Its just the Beta I don't like at the moment. Two years ago this would have been a superior IDE.

    kind regards and for VAJava guys: Feel free to flame me, but don't do it on theserverside, write a mail to null at null dot com

  7. JBuilder is CRAP compared to this I just got the Enterprise 5 edition last week and it's not much different than the JBuilder4 it doesn't support all application servers no support for WebServices but nonethless it's easeier to use and has alot more features in it's editors But ur absolutely right the studio is extremely slow
  8. There is also a very good tool for J2EE development from SilverStream Software. Check out the SilverStream WOrkbench. You can still depoly to Websphere after using this tool for your development. In addition to EJB assistance, SilverStream has Web Service wizards and deployment to many different application servers. Take a look.
  9. I tried Silverstream WorkBench Extend for a couple of weeks it's extremely easy to use and deploy the best WebServices IDE I have seen but it has it's share of problems it took me days and I still couldn't run the calculator WebService evan with their support help and it's designed to run mainly on Silverstream application server and u have to change the code in order to run it on WebSphere the studio is far much more superior.
  10. On your keyboard, there is a key that looks like a full stop, with a little curly tail.

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