SIGS Conference for Java Development fast approaching


News: SIGS Conference for Java Development fast approaching

  1. The sixth annual SIGS conference for Java Development takes place in two weeks (Oct 28-31) in San Jose, California. Known for their focus on hype-free technical talks, this conference features a very J2EE centric lineup of excellent sessions including keynote presentations by James Gosling, building messaging systems, naming strategies, optimizing EJB and more.

    Check out SIGS Conference for Java Development.
  2. Being a true Java supporter and all that entitles, I stare at the link in true disgust:

    My only comfort is that the site seems to be down. Then again, could you expect otherwise?



  3. Par,

      Java Dev Con is run by SIGS who have magazines and conferences that span all kinds of different conferences. I feel your pain, but its just not realistic for a conference organization to spend resources and manpower to build X different versions of their site on X different platforms. :)

      Even Sys-Con (JDJEdge conf. and JDJ magazine) uses Coldfusion, if that makes you feel better. :)

  4. OK, feeling better already. Thanks. :-)