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    Hi , now I am using weblogic6.0 for development.
    I found that I must restart the server when I
    modified the code about servlet or the class using
    in the servlet , who can tell me that I can not restart
    the server even if I modified the code ?


  2. How do you deploy your servlet.
    If your servlet is in application/DefaultWebApp_myserver/WEB-INF/classes directory then you dont need to restart the weblogic server, after changing your servlet code. Also you have to set the reload periods in your config.xml. By default it is set to 1.

  3. But Does it also reloads Helper Classess that servlet is using ?

    - Abhijit
  4. It reloads all the classes irrespective of class type.
  5. I rather thought it only reloaded classes in that directory (or sub-directories) as it is those files it is monitoring. If you update the classes in a JAR file that is simply "on the classpath of the server" then it will not reload them (as far as I recall.)