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    As a newcomer to J2EE I've downloaded the J2EE.jar file from the J2EE SDK package and it works a it should when it's in my classpath. But the problem is that when it's in my classpath I can't start either JBoss or Tomcat, and when it's not they start but then I can't use the J2EE classes. Does anyone have an idea?

    Running it all on Mac OS X.


  2. Why do you need J2EE.jar. What are you trying to do.
    I'm running everything I need using only the files from JBoss and Tomcat. J2EE.jar will often cause shutdowns.

    If your running Tomcat in separate VM from JBoss, and need this client libraries to access your ejb's "remotely" (even though you're on the same puter) add the libraries from the JBoss client directory to you tomcat instance.

  3. I need the J2EE.jar for the XML and EJB classes, as well as the servlet classes and think that the J2EE.jar package is convinient to use since it all is there. Shall I extract the classes it contains and only have the classes I need in my classpath or shall I download them elsewhere?
  4. You should be more clear in your question. You don´t really need J2EE.jar for ejb classes and servlet classes. The servlet.jar package comes with tomcat(it´s located in <TOMCAT-DIR>/common/lib/servlet.jar. I don´t know jboss, but as it´s a j2ee container, it probably contains all the classes needed for it to work? So, what´s the matter?
  5. You're probably right. I'll throw that J2EE jar file right away. But where can I find other classes that I might need like the ones for XML processing? I havn't found any way to download just the classes I need from

    Or shall I go the other way around - keep the J2EE.jar and unjar it to reveal the classes and then put just the ones I need in my classpath?


  6. Which xml parser are you using? If you're using JAXP, you can download it from
    I you're using xerces, it can be dowloaded from the site. However, xerces comes with tomcat(it needs it to parse the conf files).