problem in deploying my Application on tomcat .


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    Hi Group,
    I have a problem in deploying my Application on tomcat .
    The scenario is as follows.

    I have a physical Web Server where all my jsp pages , js files, servlets and supporting classes reside.
    The Web server is Tomcat 4.0

    Secondly i have an App Server which is physically different than the web server where all my ejb's, Connection Pool etc reside.
    The App server is Weblogic 5.1.0

    I am facing some problems while deploying the application.
    On my web layer i have packaged all the files in a war file and th corresponding taglib's etc are placed in a proper directory structure.
    still when i try to access the taglibraries in my jsp pages i gives me an error saying that EVAL_BODY_BUFFER undefined in BodyTag.
    I dont know the reason for this ..
    It would be of great help to me if u can help me solving this problem.

    Secondly i dont know exactly how to access resources that reside on the App Server.
    On my client code from where i access the App Server i provide the fllowing code ..

    Properties p = new Properties();

    p.put(Context.PROVIDER_URL,"t3://<DNS Name of App Server>:7001");
    Context ic = new InitialContext(p);
    datasource = (DataSource) ic.lookup(orapool);

    Now one query i have out here is that whether the context factory "weblogic.jndi.WLInitialContextFactory" would be available on the web server.
    and jut by giving the IP address of the app server and the port number as the provider, can i access the jndi server on the App Server and access resouces from the App Server . i.e the orapool is a connection pool defined on the AppServer. can i access this connection pool from the client code above which runs on Tomcat..

    Please help me on these issues.
    Also do lemme know if u need further clarifications about the problem.

  2. Whats Tomcat being used for? The app should reside in WebLogic, and if web access is needed, use Apache HTTP Server, not Tomcat.

    Why use Tomcat and WebLogic?? WebLogic can act as the servlet engine, ejb server, jndi server etc..

    Sounds like there might be some confusing on where stuff should reside, and why these products have been chosen.

    A Typical web solution would be to have the Apache server accept the HTTP requests,and forward any servlet/jsp requests back to WebLogic for processing. The request could then be handled by WebLogic where EJB lookups, JNDI Datasource lookups would take place. For non web clients, you could access the JNDI objects via a session bean facade, or directly.

    Your right on the money for accessing the JDNI entries.

    Hope that helps