JSR 156: XML Transactioning API for Java (JAXTX)


News: JSR 156: XML Transactioning API for Java (JAXTX)

  1. HP has posted JSR 156, XML Transactioning API for Java (JAXTX). JAXTX provides an API for packaging and transporting ACID transactions (as in JTA) and extended transactions (e.g., the BTP from OASIS) using the protocols being defined by OASIS, W3C.

    Check out XML Transactioning API for Java (JAXTX).

    It is scary how much these web services standards are starting to look like traditional middleware. There are JSRs now for transactions over XML, Messaging, RPC, you name it. It's a re-invention of today's middleware with a different flavour.
  2. The Business Transaction Protocol is something that is a little bit different from all of the other technologies that we have had. Actually, I've found BTP really fascinating and it's well worth 30 minutes of your time to read up on. Basically, it's an XA transaction that isn't quite ACID. I know, sounds funky, but if you think about a business transaction, you can have any number of resources participating in the overall transaction and some of the secondary participants can back out of the transaction without causing the entire thing to rollback. A pure ACID transaction will rollback if anyone backs out of the transaction.

    It's also interesting because the entire protocol is XML based and can run over SOAP invocations.

    There is an article on BTP at www.sys-con.com. It's part of the archives for Web Services Journal -- 1st Issue. You have to log on to read it there.

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