Borland releases ECperf benchmarking kit for Borland AppServer


News: Borland releases ECperf benchmarking kit for Borland AppServer

  1. In a courageous move, Borland has published a kit for testing the Borland AppServer with ECperf 1.0. The kit is being provided for customers to test the performance and scalability of Borland AppServer for themselves. Borland's official ECperf results will be posted here on TheServerSide in Q4.

    Check out Borland AppServer Configuration Kit for ECperf 1.0.

    Visit the ECperf Results Page on TheServerSide.

    Press Release
    SCOTTS VALLEY, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Oct. 29, 2001-- Borland Software Corporation (Nasdaq NM: BORL - news) today announced the immediate availability of the Borland® AppServer(TM) Kit for the ECperf(TM) 1.0 benchmark to enable companies to measure the real-world performance and scalability of the Borland AppServer. ECperf is the official performance benchmark that was created through the Java Community Process(SM) program, the open community-based process for developing Java(TM) technology specifications, to test the scalability and performance of Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EE(TM)) application servers. Borland is the first company to provide an ECperf benchmark kit from its Web site at Today's announcement reinforces Borland's technology leadership and adherence to industry standards that enable Borland customers to maximize the performance of their applications while achieving a lower total cost of ownership.

    ''All users should demand their application server vendors provide official ECperf results prior to making a purchase,'' said John Meyer, senior industry analyst, Giga Information Group. ''Giga recommends that organizations adopt the ECperf Specification/Benchmark Kit as the foundation for all of their J2EE application server benchmarking efforts. In doing so, they will guarantee that their J2EE application server benchmarking results portray an accurate apples to apples comparison.''

    The ECperf Benchmark specification was developed in collaboration with industry leading J2EE application server vendors, including Borland. The benchmark tests several key attributes of Enterprise JavaBeans(TM) (EJB(TM)) technology, including scalability and distributed transactions. By requiring that the source code cannot be changed, the ECperf Benchmark specification takes advantage of the portability of Java and J2EE technologies and provides a rigorous comparison of J2EE-based server performance. It is a powerful test benchmark of the scalability and performance of J2EE application servers.

    ''We're pleased to see Borland assume a leadership role in providing customers a kit for ECperf to easily and quickly determine the performance of the Borland AppServer,'' said Rick Saleta, group marketing manager, Enterprise Java Technologies, Sun Microsystems, Inc. ''We encourage other vendors to provide their customers with a kit for ECperf. ECperf benchmark based testing will help users make an informed purchase decision that will subsequently maximize their return on investment and will best fit their specific enterprise needs.''

    The primary goal of the ECperf Benchmark is to model the workload of a real-world system that would include manufacturing, supply chain management, and order/inventory. The ECperf Benchmark specification was created to test the performance of business objects in the middle tier -- a critical determining factor when choosing a server for the best price performance for current and future business demands. The Borland AppServer Kit for ECperf 1.0 Benchmark is being provided for customers to test for themselves the scalability and performance available from Borland AppServer. The kit features a step-by-step guide for customers to install, run, and analyze ECperf results for Borland AppServer.

    ''Companies who want to gain the best performance for their investment can turn to Borland for a high performance application server at the lowest total cost of ownership,'' said Alan Shoap, vice president of Enterprise Solutions at Borland. ''In fact, we encourage companies to use the ECperf benchmark to test the performance of Borland AppServer. Since the ECperf results for many highly scaled applications can vary dramatically, Borland also encourages companies to compare benchmarks and request analytical tools from other vendors.''

    A whitepaper entitled the ``Eight Reasons ECperf is the Right way to Evaluate J2EE Performance'' has been developed by Sun Microsystems and CustomWare. It is another useful tool for customers to evaluate J2EE application servers using the ECperf Benchmark. The whitepaper is available for download from

    Borland also announced today that it has joined partner program, dedicated to providing a J2EE community web site and the official repository for ECperf results, available at Borland expects to publish results of the Borland AppServer ECperf benchmark during the fourth quarter on both and

    About ECperf

    ECperf, composed of the Specification and the Kit, is a benchmark designed to measure performance and scalability. Prototyped and built in conjunction with Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition server vendors, it was developed under the Java Community Process. The audience is both the J2EE user and server vendor. ECperf can assist the J2EE user in understanding J2EE scalability and tuning. The J2EE server vendor can use ECperf to improve and showcase product performance. The ECperf Specification Benchmark is available at

    For more information on ECperf, see

    About Borland AppServer

    Borland AppServer provides an industrial strength infrastructure for an e-business platform solution. The Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EE platform) 1.2.1 certified Borland AppServer provides clustering, load balancing and back-end integration, to enable customers with a powerful platform-independent application server that serves the rigorous needs of global e-business customers. Built upon Borland VisiBroker®, the most deployed CORBA® solution on the market, Borland brings this technology innovation and heritage to the J2EE platform. For more information, visit

    About Borland

    Borland is a leading provider of high performance e-business platform solutions designed to increase developer productivity and reduce time to market for enterprise software projects. E-business platform solutions consist of software products that allow businesses to develop, deploy and manage e-business applications. Borland is the vendor of choice for professional e-business solution providers who demand a vendor-independent platform that supports rapid time to market, high productivity, performance and availability. Founded in 1983, Borland is headquartered in Scotts Valley, California, with operations worldwide. To learn more, visit Borland at, the community site at or call Borland at (800) 632-2864.

  2. That is the way to go.

    My respects to Borland. This gives added value to AppServer as opposed to the useless “low credibility” benchmarks by Oracle, IBM and BEA.

    See you
  3. My congratulations also go to Borland. I hope other vendors come up with a similar benchmark soon. I just wonder, does Borland want to market the "courageous move" or are they really _that_ sure that they will have the best results?
    IMO it will now show and I really guess BAS will come out of the ECPerf benchmark race as one of the fastest AppServers (Hehe, as I always said ;-)
    I know, performance is not everything, but why buy a slower server if I can have a faster one?
    Well, we shall see.

  4. And don't forget, it won't break the piggy bank either!

    Performance numbers + Proven Interoperability + Complete Feature set + Growing Market Share = A lot'a BANG for your BUCK!
  5. Faster, and significantly less expensive.
  6. Hi,

    Try this link for the result page:

    Try this link to download your own ECperf toolkit for
    Borland AppServer:

    Hope this helps,
  7. I just wonder, does Borland want to market the

    >"courageous move" or are they really _that_ sure that
    >they will have the best results?


    I would not say that we (Borland) are [over]confident of producing the best results. But we are reasonably sure of doing very well (if not the best ;) in any performance, scalability and stability benchmark tests.

    Hopefully, other vendors will start publishing their ECperf results soon.

  8. Krish:

    I expected this all along ... the "also rans" (ie: Borland) don't have anything to lose by publishing first.

    -- GA
  9. Hmm, it seems you got me a bit wrong (probably my posting was misleading) ;-)
    Though I'm curious what the future brings I'm sure Borland will be (among) the best AppServers available.
    We have very good relationships with Borland and nearly exclusively use BAS (before I get flamed: We chose BAS because of its superiority, the relationships to Borland came afterwards), and every customer who saw BAS in action switched to it and is very satisfied now.
    If you look through some of my postings, I strongly recommend BAS ;-)


  10. more on this new -

    SANTA CLARA, CA -- October 29, 2001 -- Sun Microsystems, Inc. today announced it has demonstrated the world's largest system ever to run ECperf Benchmarks using an Eight-way Sun Fire[tm] V880 server with 16 GB of memory, running the Solaris[tm] 8 Operating Environment (OE) . This test resulted in a world-record performance of 5961.77 BBops/min@Std and $51/BBops running Borland AppServer 4.5 with Oracle 8i and Java 1.3.1.

    The ECperf focuses on the application-tier performance, modeling a Fortune 100 manufacturing business. It is specifically designed to test the performance of Java[tm] 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EE[tm]) in a standard platform for development of portable, scalable, multi-tier enterprise applications. As businesses increasingly use the Web to allow customers direct specification of product configuration, ordering, and status checking, the ECperf benchmark models these business functions – order taking, CRM, manufacturing plant and supply chain – using XML messages sent to simulated suppliers to represent real-world business-to-business Web interactions.

    As the results of the ECperf benchmark demonstrate, the Sun Fire V880 server is up to the task of handling a complex and realistic application-tier simulated workload, with active users accessing an Oracle 8i database server through Borland Application Server. Borland is a leading provider of e-business platform solutions, including the Borland AppServer, which plays a key role in delivering a positive impact on time-to-market, scalability, and reliability of e-business applications. The ECperf benchmark further illustrates the extreme efficiency of the Sun Fire V880 server using Sun's Solaris OE in running mission-critical Java solutions. As the application server, it demonstrated a superior average response time, handling a complex set of transactions at 5961.77 BBops/min@Std.
  11. Hrm - results page displays:

    Sponsor J2EE System(s) BBops/min@Std Price/BBops J2EE Server DBMS Date Approved FDR FDA

    X Inc. A10 Server 1234 $50.00 AAS 2.0 Big Server 1.1 10/20/01 Link to pdf Download FDA

  12. Member FDIC?