ObjectFrontier releases its new version of FrontierSuite


News: ObjectFrontier releases its new version of FrontierSuite

  1. ObjectFrontier today made available its latest version of FrontierSuite. FrontierSuite is a powerful JCA compliant persistence engine and a Model Driven Architecture (MDA) based platform for designing, developing and deploying both Java and J2EE applications. FrontierSuite for J2EE platform supports both EJB 1.1 and EJB 2.0.

    FrontierSuite's CMP can be plugged to industry leading EJB 2.0 compliant Application Servers and improve performance by up to 5000%. New features include EJB 2.0 CMP support for WebLogic 6.1 and JBoss 2.4.3 application servers, support for additional databases and much more …

    More information can be found on the web site at http://www.objectfrontier.com/index.html

    Some of the highlights of FrontierSuite are:
    - Easily build new Java/J2EE applications, Reverse Engineer or incorporate our state of the art persistence engine to your existing applications.
    - Full Support for EJB 2.0 (PDF2).
    - BMP/CMP O-R Mapping.
    - JMS based Distributed Cache.
    - Customizable XML encoders and decoders.
    - Integrated with a host of Modeling Tools, IDE and J2EE Application Servers.
    - JCA Compliant with ability to persist data across ERP’s, CRM’s, RDBM’s etc.
    - 100% Java, Standards based and compliant with Model Drive Architecture.
  2. I have downloaded a trial version of Frontiersuite a few days back and have been impressed with what I have seen. We are building a EJB 2.0 application with WLS 6.1. I would like to get some feedback from others about this tool.
  3. Their CMP is cool. We are replacing WLS CMP with FrontierSuite's CMP and we are finding great performance improvement. We have yet to try their distibuted cache.
  4. Nice tool. Feature wise this tool is comparable to TopLink but with much better performance and a lot cheaper. Toplink runtime is very expensive.
  5. Has anyone tried the JDO version yet. ObjectFrontier website says very little about the JDO version.
  6. what exactly do you mean with "a lot cheaper"? I did not find a price mentioned on their site.

  7. Hello,

    We have ran several tests on this tool and we have done the same tests on TopLink previously as part of choosing the best product for our needs. ObjectFrontier not only had the same features of TopLink, with enhanced XML, better performance and a much better price. However, you do need to request a quote to find out if they have pricing to suit you.

    Best regards,

    Ana Paula Fernandes
  8. "Has anyone tried the JDO version yet. ObjectFrontier website says very little about the JDO version."

    JDO Version - Our JDO product will be ready in December. If you are interested please send a email to sales at objectfrontier dot com and will send you details when it is ready.

  9. I Did lot of load test on this tool, In process of choosing a tool which will work as DataBase Gateway for all our applications,.. This is upto mark, and we got impressed very much till now .... Best Customer Support even,
    If they have api with Documentation, will help more better..
    Mahesh R Garlapati
  10. I noticed the obvious lack of a version of Frontier for WebSphere.

    With EBAY's recent selection of WebSphere over WebLogic and with WebSphere nudging 50% of the market, I would think that a WebSphere version would be right up there for these folks, no?

    Anyone know of an impending release for WebSphere?

      Chuck Herrick
      Cyberdigm Systems
      Austin, Texas
  11. Chuck,

    We will be supporting Websphere 4.0 very shortly.