How OSGi's modular approach affects traditional software architectures


It's no secret that for developers interested in taking a modular approach to application development, using OSGi is a tried-and-true avenue that takes much of the guesswork out of the equation. With that in mind, it's no surprise to discover that as the developers and software engineers at Liferay architect their design for the future, OSGi and the corresponding system of modularity it provides is front and center in their minds.

In this interview with Ray Augé, rhymes with OJ, a senior software architect with Liferay, TheServerSide finds out about the future plans for building modularity into the world's most popular open-source portal, along with the various benefits that a more modular system would bring.

Of course, the interview covers more than just OSGi and Liferay's future design plans, as it also gets Ray's take on where Liferay Marketplace is going, how mobile fits into the mix and how Liferay plans to support a variety of big-data plays as big data and big content merge into a single concept.

17 Jan 2013

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