Is Telecommunications the Boom Industry for 2012?


Is Telecommunications the Boom Industry for 2012?

By Lucas Stewart

During a time when the economy is struggling, it appears as though the telecommunications industry is booming. Or is it? At least according to the 2012 TSS Java Trends survey, it is. TSS readers from around the world, working for the smallest of companies to the largest, related to technology or telecommunications, represented the largest number of the respondents with 27%. A close second was “Other” at 24% with “Financial Services” coming in third with 16%. Is there really this much work going on in tech or telecom?

At a high level, many respondents simply categorized themselves as “technology or telecommunications” professionals. So this may have skewed the results some. But comparing this to last year’s survey where less than 1% of respondents worked at telecom companies, there does seem to be a growth trend. Or maybe those who work in telecom discovered TSS this year and became loyal readers?

If so, they join a devoted group of readers who work across many diverse sectors in addition to telecom, such as government agencies coming in at 9% of respondents and health care at 5%. Interestingly, the group “Other” was quite large perhaps because their companies provided more than one type of service or the respondent didn’t know exactly how to answer.

Company respondent size lined up fairly consistently with last year’s survey with the largest group representing 1-99 employees at 23%. However, 19% of all respondents described themselves as consultants or contractors so most may be independents working for larger companies. Since telecoms tend to be larger companies, could this explain why there seems to be a lot going on in telecom?

I think there might actually be a boom in telecom for Java developers. Why? Mobile banking. With so many mobile devices in use today which support the Java platform, very rich client interfaces and functionality can be created fairly easily. This trend may see telecoms partnering with banks to build infrastructure and platforms supporting future mobile banking growth. If so, what a great time to be a Java mobile developer. 

30 Dec 2011

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