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IDEs Integrated development environments

  • Java keyword

    Java keywords are terms that have special meaning in Java programming and cannot be used as identifiers for variables, classes or other elements within a Java program. Continue Reading

  • IntellJ IDEA

    The free and open source IntellJ IDEA includes JUnit and TestNG, code inspections, code completion, support for multiple refactoring, Maven and Ant build tools, a visual GUI (graphical user interface) builder and a code editor for XML as well as ... Continue Reading

  • Java IDE

    Java IDEs typically provide language-specific features in addition to the code editor, compiler and debugger generally found in all IDEs. Those elements may include Ant and Maven build tools and TestNG and JUnit testing. Continue Reading

  • Continuous DevOps documentation: It's a necessity

    Too often, documentation takes a back seat when organizations struggle with new methodologies and development approaches, but there is a need for documentation in a DevOps world. Continue Reading

  • NetBeans

    NetBeans is a Java-based integrated development environment (IDE). The term also refers to the IDE’s underlying application platform framework.  Continue Reading