Effective Enterprise Java: Preface, State Management

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Effective Enterprise Java: Preface, State Management

By Ted Neward

01 Oct 2004 | TheServerSide.com

October 2004


In the chapter you will read about items such as:

  • Using HTTPSessions sparingly
  • Using object-first persistence to preserve your domain model
  • Using relational-first persistence to expose the power of the relational model
  • Using procedural-first persistence to create an encapsulation layer
  • Recognising the object-heirarchical impedence mismatch
  • Using in-process or local storage to avoid the network
  • Never assuming you own the data or the database
  • Lazy-loading infrequently used data
  • Eagerly-loading frequently used data
  • Batch SQL work to avoid round-trips
  • Knowing your JDBC provider
  • Tuning your SQL

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About the Author

Ted Neward - Ted Neward is a Java and .NET author, instructor and speaker who lives in the Sacramento, CA area. He is the Editor-in-Chief of TheServerSide.NET. His personal weblog, on both Java and .NET, can be seen at http://www.neward.net/ted/weblog, and he can be reached at editor@theserverside.net.

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