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JSF at Big Lots!

By Ed Burns

01 Mar 2008 |

The three part screencast that accompanies this article was recorded during the presentation by Big Lots, Inc. (NYSE: BIG) information technology employees Kunal Bajaj, Mark Hanes, Chris Henson and Keith Naas, at JBoss World 2008.

One of the great things about working on software infrastructure is the ubiquity and wide influnce one has due to the nature of the users of infrastructure software. I drive past a Big Lots! store in Apoka, FL regurlarly, so it was with great interest that I attended the JBoss World 2008 case study titled, "Big Lots Store Inventory Management". I wasn't exactly sure what I would learn during this presentation, but it turns out I was to be delighted. Big Lots! has had enormous success with Sun's JSF implementation, Mojarra, and other Java EE technologies in delivering inventory management and other store essential software on time and within budget.

My number one take-away from the presentation was a feeling of satisfaction in seeing a line-item validation of many of the design decisions within JSF. As you can see in the presentation, some of the JSF features leveraged by Big Lots! included

  • custom components
  • leveraging the JSF lifecycle
  • separation of rendering from components
  • custom converters and validators
  • client device independence

They cited JBoss Seam and Facelets as two other absolutely key technologies in their stack.

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