Book Excerpt: Practical JRuby on Rails

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Book Excerpt: Practical JRuby on Rails

By Ola Bini

01 Oct 2007 |

Chapter 3: Introduction to Rails

This chapter will serve as an introduction to the various parts of the Rails framework. Because Rails is loosely coupled, it makes sense to introduce the parts by themselves, and then describe how to fit them together.

Chapter 4: Store Administration

This chapter will walk you through the first part of the Shoplet application. It will be a fairly detailed look at most of the code necessary, and as such will give you a good overview of what's required to create a Rails application from scratch.


Ola has proven to be one of the most valuable community contributors to JRuby, and he's shown that he's dedicated to making Ruby on the JVM a reality. He's the sole creator of the RbYAML and JvYAML projects that have enabled high-performance YAML support in JRuby, he single-handedly implemented Enumerable in Java, he has been the primary developer behind our Zlib support, and he's contributed numerous patches and fixes over the past 8 months.