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Entity Bean Application Example, Understanding Transactions

By Vlada Matena, Sanjeev Krishnan, Linda DeMichiel, Beth Stearns

01 Dec 2003 |

The Entity Bean Example Application chapter looks at an example application to illustrate various techniques for working with entity beans such as using container-managed persistence, container-managed relationships, caching persistent state, subclassing techniques and also illustrates how to use the EJB timer service and JavaMail APIs. The Understanding Transactions chapter explains the various EJB transaction attributes and shows how to apply them with declarative transaction demarcation; it also explains and demonstrates programmatic transaction demarcation by clients and session beans.

These two chapters have been excerpted from Applying Enterprise JavaBeans 2.1: Component-Based Development for the J2EE Platform (2nd Edition), by Vlada Matena, Sanjeev Krishnan, Linda DeMichiel, and Beth Stearns.