Bitter EJB Sample Chapters: Bitter Messages & Bitter Tunes

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Bitter EJB Sample Chapters: Bitter Messages & Bitter Tunes

By Bruce Tate, Mike Clark, Bob Lee, Patrick Linskey

01 Jan 2000 |

Building on his earlier success with the book Bitter Java in which he established antipatterns as a serious field for Java developers, Bruce Tate continues in Bitter EJB the exploration of antipatterns, or common traps, within the context of EJB technology. Fellow programming experts Patrick Linskey, Mike Clark, and Bob Lee join Bruce in this effort to examine the many different aspects of EJB, from transactions to persistence to messaging, as well as other important topics like performance and testing. Bitter EJB will examine the use and misuse of EJB, and look closely at alternative technologies for troubled EJB frameworks like persistence.

Also repeated from Bitter Java is Bruce's entertaining and engaging writing style of relating true-life adventure sport experiences to antipattern themes. While Bitter Java targeted the beginning and intermediate reader, Bitter EJB will target a more technical audience. Readers will nonetheless quickly catch on to the concepts in Bitter EJB through its clear and well-organized writing. Throughout the book, the authors establish problems or antipatterns, refactor solutions, document design patterns and then take steps to ensure the same problems do not reoccur in the future.

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Chapter 6 - Bitter Messages

Chapter 9 - Bitter Tunes

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