Reusable Security for Segmented Data Domains

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Reusable Security for Segmented Data Domains

By John C. Dale

01 May 2006 |

According to John C. Dale, MS MIS, president of Growing Business Solutions, for firms providing software development outsourcing services, the practice of software reuse can reduce overhead and increase margins.

Currently, an alarming number of enterprise software development projects are over budget, delivered late, or both. As software development organizations mature, so too should their ability to deliver increasingly complex software solutions on time and on budget. One strategy for achieving this is to identify opportunities for software reuse. In traditional manufacturing nomenclature, this process would be expressed as "manufacturing efficiency" or "economy of scale."

In this article, Dale discusses one way in which open source J2EE Security Realms can be used to facilitate code reuse - and thus manufacturing efficiency - into the enterprise software manufacturing process.

Subsequently, enterprise software development firms who employ this methodology should expect to deliver software with greater efficiency and predictability at a lower cost.

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About the Author

In December of 2005, John C. Dale, president of Growing Business Solutions, graduated from The Eller College of Management with a Master of Science in Management Information Systems from the Nation's #4 MIS Master's program (US News and World Report). To compliment his graduate degree, John received a Concentration in Entrepreneurship from the nation's #2 entrepreneurship program (Entrepreneur Magazine), The Karl Eller Center McGuire Entrepreneurship Program.