Chapter from Agile Java: Assertions and Annotations

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Chapter from Agile Java: Assertions and Annotations

By Jeff Langr

01 Jun 2005 |

Agile Java, written by Jeff Langr, walks through test-driven development with Java 5.0. It shows how to translate oral requirements into practical tests, and then shows how to use those tests. This chapter, Assertions and Annotations, shows how to build a testing tool, with full code and exercises, using Java 5's annotation facility.

Author Bio

Jeff Langr, a veteran software developer with twenty-some years of development experience, consults on software development, design, and agile process through his company Langr Software Solutions. Langr also consulted for Bob Martin at the premiere XP/agile consulting company Object Mentor for two years. He's the author of Essential Java Style (Prentice Hall PTR, 1999), and has published widely on Java and TDD in Software Development, C/C++ Users Journal, and diverse online magazine sites and portals. He resides in Colorado Springs.